be abstract. be expressive. 

Gerrit Hodemacher -  abstract expressionism and styling fashion.

The artworks

I only start my work with a rough idea in my head and without any preparation. In the ongoing process, the idea changes. Plans - the running gag of life

The values

If there is something like values ​​in painting, then the following applies to me: paint and canvas are only married if the emotions match. Because: What use is a suitable lid on the pot if the stove is not on. 

The exhibitions 

A series of art exhibitions kicked off in March 2020 in Genoa at the Palazzo Ducale. Exclusive exhibitions followed in beautiful locations such as Paris, New York City, Monaco, Beijing, Hamburg, Milan, Zurich, Fuerteventura and Hanover.

In the picture the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. 

The point of view 


It happens that I am asked what the meaning of my artworks is. Or what the interpretation is. Or what my personal feeling is about it. Or even what I felt while painting.

My answer to that is the following: It doesn't really matter at all, irrelevant and pointless to get answers to these questions. Because every word I say can influence the view of my work. More important and only decisive is what the viewer sees, feels or associates with something in a picture.

Hence my advice on viewing art:
Lose yourself in the work and not in the thoughts of the artist. And if the picture speaks to you, you'll get all the answers anyway. 

Fashion & More

Shoes, shirts, trousers, caps, magnets, HUGO and beer...I like it individually...My art on your clothes...Interested?

Press & Media


Since 2020 some newspaper articles about my art have been published. Among others at BILD, NEUE PRESSE and the HANNOVERSCHEN ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG. I also have an account on Instagram called @honour_the_sunset 

Partner & Support


Below is a list of galleries and cooperation partners with whom I maintain a partnership. There is also information about my work on their website. 


Take a look around my gallery and get a feel for my works and ideas. Maybe you would like to have one or the other at home or in your office. Feel free to contact me. I am happy.